Hi! I is Lady Belle!

“The bestest therapist has fur and four legs.” Lady Belle

Hi! I is Lady Belle but my fam calls me Belle for short…or Stinker or sometimes Rotten. Never cause I deserves it though. I tinks my mom jus likes varieties. I was born in Texas, on a farm with a big family of other dogs and horses. When my dog-mom had me and my brothers and sisters, we were all meant for different jobs. Some, like my dog-mom and dog-dad went to work on farms and ranches. They get to guard sheep and goats and pigs and sometimes chickens! Two of my sisters went to live with humans who needed other kinds of jobs done. Their humans are older and need help with things to help keep them safe. They’re called Service Dogs. My humans are different. They wanted me to be able to help others.

Sometimes humans get sad or anxious about things happening around them. They also get sad about being alone. I know what that’s like because I don’t like to be alone either. Some humans are sad and alone in buildings called nursing homes and hospitals. Sometimes they’re sick in those places too or broken. So my fam wanted me to be able to visit and help them feel better. I am called a Therapy Dog.

Right now it’s hard to visit humans but you can visit me here! I’ll tell you all about what it’s like to move from Texas to Arkansas and being a Therapy Dog and just being a dog.

Be sure to leave me a comment when you visit. Pretend it’s a virtual pat on the head for me. 😊  

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