The Time I Quit My Job (because i valued my mental health more than a check)

When I put off returning to school until Spring, an opportunity presented itself to give me unique experience in preparation for working with certain clients later in my career. Knowing it would be temporary, I jumped at it.

This week I left that job, earlier than expected, because I realized my worth.

It wasn’t my worth as a salary. It was my worth as a person. I was not valued in my job and I had a choice to make:
I could turn on myself and focus on the negative self-talk I’ve endured for years. The talk that told me I wasn’t good enough in the first place.

I could turn on the source of what made me feel unvalued and become angry.

OR, I could recognize not every situation is going to value me in the way I deserve.

There was a time, suggesting “what I deserve” would make me feel arrogant. It’s taken a lot of therapy to say it and not feel guilty. Why on earth should I feel guilty for wanting to not be treated like a number?

In my situation, an employer made me feel replaceable, like I didn’t matter. Which let’s be honest, I was and I didn’t. No one likes to admit they’re expendable but more so, no one wants to be treated as if they are. Yet, there I was faced with knowing there were a 100 people waiting to take my place the moment I resigned. I could have kept my mouth shut and kept my position. Instead, I chose my mental health over putting money back for tuition (here’s hoping I land a fellowship to cover those costs).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naïve. I’m not suggesting everyone walk away from your job if you feel unappreciated. But knowing your value isn’t just about a job. It’s about life.

There are going to be times you aren’t valued. There are going to be times you can’t up and leave those situations. In those times, remember the right place WILL value you. Those who know your value will appreciate you and you don’t have to stay where you aren’t appreciated. It may take time but don’t give up on you in the process.

Know your worth.

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